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My software - overview

Click the program name here or below to get more detailed info about my Shareware programs Write&Set, Hypermake, 4allCalc and my Freeware programs WSedit, Simple Zipshell, Tiny Alarm, CD Shortcut, DO.EXE, BatchBurn and Clear . Besides BatchBurn and Clear, all programs are available both for Windows and for OS/2.

Shareware programs:

Write&Set Wordstar compatible Wordprocessor

Write&Set ( is a full-featured wordprocessing program based on the Wordstar (DOS) file format with hyphenation, contents creation, footnotes, index, embedding graphics and a lot of more. It is an alternative concept of word processing for people who don't like winword-like programs. Write&Set consists of two programs: WSedit is the 'editor' and WSformat the 'typesetter'. This concept simplifies word processing and enables you compiling a single document with hundreds of pages without any problems. Nevertheless, both programs are designed to work together like dialog windows in a single program. Write&Set is based on the Wordstar (DOS) file format. WSedit is Freeware and WSformat is Shareware.

4allCalc 4.12 (former pmCalc) calculator

All-purpose pocket calculator with scientific functions, hex, easy transfer to/from the clipboard, detailed error messages, online help. Shareware. 4ALLCALC_WIN.EXE Windows (583 kB), 4ALLC_OS2.ZIP OS/2 (220 kB).

Hypermake 4.9 HTML, IBM Help, Winhelp, MS HTML-Help and RTF-Text builder

A compiler from tagged ASCII or Wordstar/Write&Set format to HTML, IBM IPF, Winhelp, RTF-Text and Microsoft HTML-Help. Generates a number of HTML files from one source file, creates content and index. Marking a phrase with a special char places the phrase into the index and all other occurrences will get a link automatically to the marked position. Easy handling of frames, tables... Shareware if source file > 20 kB, 40$, > 150 kB 90$. This Homepage was created by Hypermake.

cis_pick.gif (4k)
Hypermake was chosen as the WINPROD Forum Pick of the Week for Feb 8/1998.

Freeware programs:

ME 1.0 Martin's Editor

A substitute for Windows Notepad or OS/2 System Editor. With ME, you can edit text files up to 20 MB file length with OEM und ANSI codepage. Old versions: ME-WIN.EXE and ME for OS/2 ME-OS2.WPI (each 0,5 MB). New versions see Beta test versions of editors

WSedit 1.0

WSedit is a Freeware editor with CUA and Wordstar key commands, reading and writing Wordstar DOS 3.4 - 7, ASCII with IBM and ISO codepage and a detail behaviour appropriate to Wordstar DOS. Old versions WSEDIT-O.ZIP (400 kB) for OS/2 and WSEDIT-W.EXE for Windows (0,5 MB). WSedit is a part of the Write&Set Shareware wordprocessor. New versions see Beta test versions of editors

CD Shortcut 1.5 (Windows), 2.03 (OS/2)

A shortcut-substitute for the cmdline command "cd" (change directory). Instead of whole directory names it's adequate to enter only substrings. Freeware. CD_SHORT.ZIP 29 kB for OS/2, 27 kB for Win95/NT. Attention OS/2 user! download the fixed version 2.03 if you use current Fixpacks!

Simple Zipshell 1.1 (Windows), 2.1 (OS/2)

A handful tiny batchfiles and an installation program generating file associations for handling ZIP files with the Win95/NT4 desktop / the OS/2 WPS. Freeware. ZIPSHELL.ZIP for OS/2 33 kB (Packer not included) zipsh_11.exe 230 kB for Win95/NT (Packer included; English, German and Spanish).

Tiny Alarm 2.0 (Windows), 2.5 (OS/2) clock, alarm, countdown

A simple alarm countdown with a slider from 1 to 60 minutes, an alarm by entering alarm time and a chime with user defined interval. Freeware. TINYALRM.ZIP OS/2 28 kB Win95/NT 51 kB

DO.EXE 1.46 multi purpose commandline program

The commandline program DO.EXE replaces a handful tiny freeware commandline programs which do have problems with modern computers and large hard disks. DO without parameters prompts a short help. Some of the functions: WHICH, DISKSIZE, DISKFREE, TREE, (text) SEARCH, WAIT. Version 1.0 for Windows DO-WIN.ZIP (38 kB) and for OS/2 DO-OS2.ZIP (38 kB).

OS/2 only:

BatchBurn 3.0: set of batchfiles for CDRECORD

BatchBurn (OS/2 only) is a set of freeware batch files for using the freeware commandline programs CDRECORD and MKISOFS to burn CD-ROMs. The archive file BatchBurn 2.0 for OS/2 BATCHBURN.ZIP (72 kB) contains the DO.EXE commandline program.

Clear 1.1 backup and clean up (OS/2)

Creates file lists for backup and deleting with detailed include/exclude criterions. Works fine together with Info-Zip ZIP . Freeware. English version CLEAR11E.ZIP (56 kB), german CLEAR11G.ZIP . Attention OS/2 user! download the fixed version 1.1 if you use current Fixpacks!

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