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Simple Zipshell

Simple Zipshell 1.1 for Win95/NT4 (NT 3.5 not sufficient!)
Simple Zipshell 2.1 for OS/2

Simple Zipshell is the smallest program available to pack and unpack ZIP files from the graphical desktop. Freeware. English, German, (Win) Spanish language.

Bug in english version of Simple Zipshell 1.0 Win95/NT: To fix the bug, please open the files BATFILES\UN_ZIP.BAT and BATFILES\EMPTY.BAT with an editor and change the expression "echo J" to "echo Y". The "J" is correct for a german Windows installation (Yes in german is Ja).

Simple Zipshell for OS/2 up to 2.0 can delete data when packing very large single files, now fixed.

zipshlle.gif (5k)

Simple Zipshell simply extends the functionality of the Windows or OS/2 desktop and has no Window-User interface. E.g. to unpack a ZIP file, you will find an "unpack" entry in the ZIP file context menu.

If a large amount of files is packed, you will get several ZIP files, each with a size of 1.44 MB.

Here you can download OS/2 ZIPSHELL.ZIP (33 kB, Info-Zip ZIP and Info-Zip UNZIP for OS/2 required) and Win95/NT zipsh_11.exe (230 kB Info-Zip included).

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