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CD Shortcut

CD Shortcut 2.03 OS/2 and Win95/NT 2.0

cd_short.gif (1k)

A commandline tool which enables very fast access to directories. A shortcut-substitute for the command "cd" (change directory). Instead of whole directory names it's adequate to enter only substrings. No files with directory tables. Freeware. English and German. Freeware.

Example: instead of
cd \abcdefghijkl\mnopqrstuvw\xyz123456789
you can enter
c abc mn 456

BUGFIX in CD Shortcut 2.03 OS/2: since Warp 4 Fixpack 11 (or earlier?), some directories were not reachable anymore.

Here you can download CD_SHORT.ZIP for OS/2, the size is 29 kB, and for Win95/NT (size 27 kB).

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