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German language (Deutsche Sprache) available.
This is the Homepage of Martin Vieregg and its Freeware and Shareware programs. Last modified: December 3 2018. News:

(Decemter 3 2018) DO 2.00 commandline utility for Windows, MacOS, Linux (64 bit) and OS/2

(October 21 2016) Hypermake 4.91 content management software for Windows , Macintosh , Linux and OS/2-eComstation available. The Windows and Linux version contains the WIPFC IPF Compiler to generate and the Docview program to view IBM Help files. Linux and MacOS now get a second compiled Help format (besides HTML-Help). At a first step, the Mac version is published without the Docview help viewer and the WIPFC IBM Help compiler. To Hypermake download

(October 21 2016) Beta test versions of editors ME 1.00 beta 12 and WSedit 1.00 beta 12 for Linux and Macintosh now available. In Beta 11, editor screen output for the Macintosh versions is strongly revised. The problems now should be vanished.

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