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The editors ME (Martin's Editor) and WSedit (Wordstar DOS like Editor) for Linux (gtk2) and Macintosh (MacOSX) are now available. Please collect the malfunctions and send them to me. All Editor versions besides the OS/2 - eComStation version are now generated by a different programming environment.

I cannot test all functionality on all OS. I really need your feedback!

The size of the archive files is 0,5 MB (OS/2), 0,8 MB (Windows), 1,7 MB (Linux) and 2,3 MB (MacOSX).

New in ME and WSedit beta 10: "File - Additional Window" opens an additional editor window for the same file. Changes in one editor are immediately visible in the other editor.

ME Martin's Editor 1.00 beta 12 (October 21 2016)

ME for Windows: me-win-beta.exe
ME for MacOSX: me-mac-beta.dmg
ME for Linux:
ME for OS/2: me-os2-beta.wpi

WSedit Wordstar like Editor 1.00 beta 12 (October 21 2016)

WSedit for Windows: wsedit-w-beta.exe
WSedit for MacOSX: wsedit-m-beta.dmg
WSedit for Linux:
WSedit for OS/2:

New in ME 1.00: reading and writing text files in UTF8 format.

Please note the following limitations of the beta versions:

Some user interface functionality which worked fine in 0.99k will perhaps fail. It is not possible for me to test all functionality on all four operating systems.

Drag and drop has been implemented in Beta 8. Function key functionality has been implemented again in Beta 8.

Known bugs: incorrect formatting of text in menus.

Fixed in beta 1a:

Fixed in beta 1b:
Fixed in beta 2:
To get best results with WSedit beta 2, please delete the user settings file. (full filename see Help - About)

Fixed in beta 2a:

Fixed in beta 2b:
Fixed in beta 2b:
Fixed since beta 5:

too much to list here. Window sizes, MacOS file associations, MacOS redraw problems

Fixed since beta 6:

after using ^Y or ^T for deleting, the editor could crash

ME for Macintosh has been renamed from to Please delete "me" in the programs folder.

Fixed since beta 9:

Drag and drop re-implemented, WSedit function key macros re-implemented, a lot of minor bugs

In WSedit 1.00 beta 10: 'File - Additional window' opens additional editor windows for the same file which get updated automatically.

WSedit 1.00 beta 10 Linux and Mac were defective, they could not start.

In WSedit beta 11, the text screen output and the blinking text cursor has been revised. In the used program library were bugs, I've rewritten parts of this functionality. Especially on the Macintosh platform, there were serious problems.

[console app] | me in
works now in beta 11 on Linux and Mac.

In ME beta 11, sh files are saved automatically with correct user rights and correct line endings.

In WSedit and ME beta 12, a handful small bugs were fixed, drag and drop in Mac has been improved and an ugly jumping cursor bug has been fixed when using an additional window.

Stable versions 0.99k are here:

ME for Windows ME-WIN.EXE
ME for OS/2 ME-OS2.WPI

WSedit for Windows WSEDIT-W.EXE
WSedit for OS/2 WSEDIT-O.ZIP

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