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Clear 1.1 backup and clean up for OS/2

Creates file lists for backup and deleting with detailed include/exclude criterions. Works fine together with Info-Zip. Freeware.

Highly recommended if you make your backups with floppies. List criterions are: "Make a backup of all files not with a name XYZ*.* if they are not located in the directories...; delete all files with the name..., if they are not located in the directories... and at least 30 days old.

REXX program activates CLEAR, ZIP and ZIPSPLIT. Result are several ZIP files, each with a size for a floppy.
Of course, file lists can be used in another way, for example input for streamer software.

BUGFIX in Clear 1.1: since Warp 4 Fixpack 11 (or earlier?), some directories were not in reach anymore.

Here you can download the english version CLEAR11E.ZIP, the size is 60 kB. German CLEAR11G.ZIP .

Info-Zip ZIP and Info-Zip UNZIP for OS/2 are recommended.

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