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HTML files, Web Browser and Internet

The Hypertext-Markup-Language HTML is a text file format where viewers ("browsers") are available for nearly all computer platforms. HTML files are ASCII files containing normal text and commands written in brackets <>. The most important feature of HTML files are links.

Normally, HTML files are placed on the Internet and not on local computers. Nevertheless, it's possible and useful to read local HTML files, e.g. program documentation.

The HTML format is the only Hypermake target format where the files can be viewed directly without compiling with a second compiler.

Hypermake creates HTML files complying with the HTML version 3.2. The most important new feature of HTML 3.2 are frames. HTML files created by Hypermake containing frames can be viewed with older browsers nevertheless, of course without frames functionality.

The HTML version 4.0 is not supported yet, but I will support new HTML features in in new versions of Hypermake. I will support Stylesheets in the future.

The W3C consortium defines the official HTML language. A list of current W3C technical reports can be found at: