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Hypermake Content Management is a program for generating and managing text-based structured web pages and program help. In opposite to most other programs which serve the same purpose, you do not edit the text and the links directly. Instead, you will write a quite simple ASCII text with the integrated editor or an arbitrary external editor. Hypermake compiles this source text to different target formats: HTML for web pages, MS HTML-Help (Windows help files), Winhelp (old Windows help file format) and IBM Help (help files for eComStation and OS/2).

hymake-screenshot-e1.gif (61k)

Hypermake front end with integrated editor, contents window and index window

Hypermake is enabled to manage big hypertext projects like a Wiki, for example a documentation in an Intranet. In opposite to a lot of other Content Management software, Hypermake generates static web pages which can be compiled by search engines without problems.

There's no limit for the complexness of an Hypermake project. The source text can be splitted to a lot of nested text files with different authors and the number of gererated HTML pages has no limit.

A Hypermake key feature is the way of generating links: With Hypermake, the link target gets marked and not the link origin. Marking a word or a phrase of several words with a special character in the source text will generate a link from all other occurrences of the word or phrase in the document to the marked position and an entry in the index.

Current News

The new version Hypermake 4.5 allows recursive embedding of source text files with the new dot command ".FI". The "if condition" functionality has been extended. Then, a lot of minor bugs have been fixed and minor improvements have been implemented. The editor has got now again the latest state of the ME/WSedit/Hypermake editor family.

Developed in the late 90s, Hypermake is one of the oldest content management systems on the market. The main focus is managing complex text documents in the Internet or Intranet and generating online help for software developers.

With Hypermake, you can easily create HTML files or IBM IPF files, Winhelp, RTF-Text files and Microsoft HTML-Help files. Instead of editing the HTML, IPF or RTF files directly, you enter a more simple ASCII source text. Links are created automatically; windows of different headings levels can be shown simultaneusly (frames) with only one command; at the end of a chapter, links to subchapters are created automatically and a lot of more.
Hypermake can be used for writing a small Homepage. But the main job is creating big hypertext documents, e.g. scientific works, intranet company documents, program documentation with content and index or more complex Homepages like this one. This Homepage has been generated by Hypermake.

Hypermake is Freeware when compiling smaller source files than 20 kB, Shareware 40$ if source file smaller than 150 kB (small key) and 90$ without limit (big key). Here you can register online via the US company BMT Micro: Please click to the small Hypermake reg key or to the big Hypermake reg key .

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Hypermake was chosen as the WINPROD Forum Pick of the Week for Feb 8/1998.

Hypermake has got a corresponding program, the Write&Set wordprocessor. Write&Set is compatible to the Hypermake source text syntax and is compatible to Wordstar (DOS).

Here you can compare a source text with the automatically created HTML files.

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