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4allCalc 4.12 calculator (formerly "pmCalc") for OS/2 and Windows

4allCalc is an all purpose calculator with scientific functions, easy transfer to/from the clipboard (Variable "Z"), variables, regression, numeric forms for programmers (binary, octal, hexadecimal), overflow simulation, detailed error messages, online help. Shareware 25$ or 20 EUR. English and German.

New in 4.1: enlarged precision (19 instead of 15 digits)
New in 4.12: Windows HTML-Help, adaption to Windows Vista.

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4allCalc does not try to simulate a real calculator; There's an entryfield and a result field; you don't have an = button. 4allCalc recalculates the result after every keystroke. You enter a formula like you would in a programming language.

Supported operating systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, OS/2 and eCS .

Here you can download 4ALLCALC_WIN.EXE for Windows which has got a file length of 250 kB and 4allCalc for OS/2 4ALLC_OS2.ZIP (220 kB).

To register 4allCalc, please use the BMT Micro 4allCalc order form .

4allCalc does not draw graphs. The notation of the formulas is very close to the notation of Gnuplot which is described here, too.

Improvements in 4allCalc 4 since pmCalc 3.2: