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Gnuplot (o/w)

Gnuplot is a Freeware program to draw mathematical graphs.

There are two windows: a textual window with a command line and a graphical window for the output. The syntax of the formula is nearly the same as 4allCalc, the main difference is the power of sign (4allCalc ^ GnuPlot **). You can also write text files with commands comparible to batch files:

#this is a comment set grid #set output "function.plt" #set terminal hpgl set ylabel 'Y-Axis' set xlabel 'X-Axis' set label 'a Parable' at 50,50 plot [] [-1:10] 0.25*x**2 + 1 title 'Parabel' with lines pause -1

gnuplot.gif (5k)

Instead of the formula, you also can write a filename of a text file containing two columns of numbers, divided by a space; you also can draw several graphs at once:

plot [] [] 'data1.lst' title "graph of data list 1" with lines,\ 'data2.lst' title 'graph of data list 2' with lines

Here you can download GNUPLT35.ZIP for OS/2 (size 390 k), Gnuplot Win32 (349 k) or Gnuplot Win16 .