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Versions, bug report

Hypermake 4.5 allows recursive embedding of source text files with the new dot command ".FI": A text file invokes another text file. In the contents window (button F3), you will not only see a tree view of the chapters, also a tree view of the source text files is now shown. This simplyfies spreading the text files of one project over a network with different authors which are responsible only for a part of the whole text.

The "if condition" functionality has been extended in two ways: First, it is allowed to use parenthesis in the ".IF" condition expression with arbitrary levels. Second, it is allowed to use nested ".if-.end" blocks. That means, it is now allowed to use several ".if" conditions without the need of an immediately following ".else" or ".end". The editor shows if conditions by using different background colors: currently inactive parts of text are shown with gray background; if you select the menu item "Options - if levels", the levels of the nested ".if-.else" blocks are shown with yellow background of different intensity.

When compiling HTML, you can now use two buttons: one for the normal state and one for the "mouse over" state. The filename of the second "mouseover" GIF file always ends with character "o": "forwardo.gif" and "forward.gif", "backo.gif" and "back.gif". The "o" character represents "mouseOver".

Then, a lot of minor bugs have been fixed and minor improvements have been implemented. The editor has got now again the latest state of the ME/WSedit/Hypermake editor family. Minor adaptions were made for Windows Vista.

New in Hypermake 4.2

In Hypermake 4.2, the new functionality "prepare upload" helps you uploading your web project to the server and updating the modified files. Hypermake automatically creates a command file which uses "ftp.exe".

New in Hypermake 4.1

Hypermake 4.1 is a small bugfix and now also the editor supports the Wordstar-DOS/Write&Set file format, not only the compiler. The compiler accepts Wordstar 5-7, in addition to Wordstar 4 file format. In the editor part, a lot of improvements were made, simultaneously to WSedit development. The editor equivalent is WSedit 0.98a. To learn more about the current editor functionality, please visit - chapter WSedit versions. In addition to the popup menu, a menu bar was implemented for the editor. Fixed bugs:

New in Hypermake 4.00

New target format RTF-Text; pre-compiled context sensitive help files (in Windows both Winhelp and HTML-Help); DOS version also updated

New in Hypermake 3.99

File comparison for selective upload of HTML files.

New in Hypermake 3.98

small bugfix; "Umlaut" problems in Windows version

New in Hypermake 3.97

Graphical version with integrated editor and settings notebook.

New in Hypermake 3.65

New in Hypermake 3.60
New in Hypermake 3.5

Known bugs in Hypermake 3.9X

All Hypermake versions before 3.94 crash immediately with Windows NT 4 Servicepack 4 or later, also in Windows 2000. The DOS version was not published in 3.9X versions.

Known bugs in Hypermake 3.6

The DOS version crashes immediately on all Pentium 300 computers or faster (fixed in 4.0)

The following Hmake 3.60 bugs are fixed in 3.65:

The following Hmake 3.65 bugs are fixed in 3.66: