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pmView (o/w)

The 40 $ Shareware program pmView is the default OS/2 image viewer for a lot of users. It's a well-known program in the OS/2 world, and also available for Windows.

pmView is not a painting program, but has got more functionality than a simple image viewer. It's very stable, fast and multi-threaded.

The address of pmView is

folder.gif (12k)

It's the most useful program for the default graphics file association and a substitute for the ugly OS/2 multimedia viewer. If you save a graphics file, you'll get an icon of your graphic.

"Only" the following graphics formats are supported:


There are BMP- and ICO-formats both for Windows and OS/2.

You can convert between these formats, then there's a slideshow mode. When saving in GIF file format, you can optionally set "interlaced" and choose a transparent color. (Color index 0 is the color placed at the beginning of the color palette.) You can rotate the image or change the size. Most of these functions have got a dialog window with special settings. There are a lot of filters.

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