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Switch-List (o)

SWL (Switch-List) removes entries from your tasklist. It's very small and Freeware. You can start SWL without parameters and you'll get a dialog window where you can turn the actual tasklist entries off and on. You can also use this program in a batch file, e.g.

----file RemoveTasklistEntries.cmd------- wait 25 swl off Desktop swl off pmvDesk swl off Manyclip swl off Maggwait -----------------------------------------

You can place a shadow of the command file in your startup folder. In the settings notebook of the program object, make the window invisible - otherwise the window appears and disappears every line.

It is sufficient to enter a substring of the string in the tasklist you want to remove.

WAIT is a small program which waits the number of seconds you enter as parameter (e.g. 25 seconds.) This is important when using the batchfile in the startup folder. Otherwise SWL is executed before the other programs are started and are appearing in the task list.

Here you can download SWL_WAIT.ZIP with a size of 20 k. WAIT requires the kbdvio32.dll file which is part of the DO.EXE for OS/2 archive file.