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Larsen Commander (o/w)

The Shareware Larsen Commander ist a very good norton-like file manager (with two sides each showing a directory). The Shareware fee is 40 US-$, It is available in functionally identical versions for Windows and for OS/2 and eComStation. The program is able to open ZIP files like directories und has got a lot of very nice details, for example the file copy success dialog:

larsen_copywindow.gif (22k)

In the lower line ("dir"), you can enter commandline commands. The black commandline output can be made invisible, of course.

larsen_commander.gif (59k)

You should remember a few keycodes:

Ctrl-mouse movement: selecting files
Einfg: also selecting files
Ctrl-Q: size of directories in bytes
Shift-Alt-Cursor right/left: show right/left directory on the other side
Shift-F6: rename a file.

Here you can visit the Homepage of the Shareware Larsen Commander .

Meanwhile, Larsen Commander is an open source project.

The latest OS/2 Version is here:

The latest Windows version you will find here: