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Bug report

Do you have found a bug in the current 4allCalc version which is not listed here? Then send an E-Mail please! If you find a formula where the current version of 4allCalc shows a wrong result, you will get the registration key for free.

In 4.12 OS/2 (May 2007 / Sept 2009), a minor bug with percent functionality has been fixed.

Bugs in 4allCalc, fixed in 4.10

Bugs in 4allCalc 4.0, fixed in 4.01
The installation program of pmCalc 3.2 for Windows was defective. User settings were sometimes not properly restored, so pmCalc started in the background or other settings were modified. Both bugs are fixed in 4allCalc 4.0.

pmCalc 3.2 fixes a serious bug in the OS/2 version pmCalc 3.1 and former versions: if the variable Z is used or the button >Z was pressed, sometimes an arbitrary character was added to the content of the clipboard. If this character is a digit, the result gets wrong without warning.

In version 3.0, there were yet only found some smaller bugs. They are fixed in 3.1.

Then there was found a bug (found Dec-97) which is existing since the first pmCalc version (1995) and is fixed in pmCalc 3.1:


pmCalc calculates sin(7)^(2+sin(5)^2) in this case. Only small modifications and the bug disappears.