.TI small HyperMake sample text

The first heading

Here you can see how simple it is to edit a HyperMake (earlier version MakeIPF) source file.

Before writing normal text, you have to enter a heading. ".1" means a heading of the most important level.

To mark a word, you have only to use the index char defined in the ini file. Now I mark the word #hello. It will be placed into the index and all other occurences of the word hello in other chapters will automatically get a link to this chapter.

The links at the end of this window are created automatically.

Tables, Footnotes, Bitmap

Now I write hello without any mark. It has a link to the first chapter where I marked hello with the index char.

But now to other interested functions.

.TA This is a table
first cell    numbers   -----third and fourth-----
first cell      97.96   third cell    fourth cell+
first cell   1.324.90   third cell    2nd line
first cell       0.00   third cell    hyphen-
first cell    -123.45   "             append

A footnote[content of the first footnote] in normal text. A second footnote[content of the second footnote]. And a bitmap.

.BM box

.BT@ box
Several @ boxes @ in the @ normal text.

Fonts, unordered list

This is font p, defined in the ini file.

again the default font

You can define toggle chars in the ini file.
&italic& *bold* _underlined_ and &*bold-italic*&.

= unordered list; look at the formatting of the text, the next line has got a margin, if the text is big enough to get wrapped into a new line.
- second level of the unordered list
- also second level
= next line of unordered list

.WA hori 60
Window arrangement (frames)

This main chapter gets 60% of the main window. The main window is divided horizontally. The subchapters gets the remaining 40% on the bottom.

This DP dot command uses all the heading text of heading level 2 as a target link and places the heading text in the index.

*Important Political Institutions in Germany*

Federal President

The President represents the federal republic. In comparison to a lot of other states, he can't make political decisions. These are made by the Federal Chancellor.

Federal Chancellor

The chancellor is the leader of the government and makes political decisions. He does not represent the state, this does the Federal President.

Big political Parties in Germany

CDU: christian democratic union. (More market)

SPD: social-democratic party of germany. (More welfare)

The End

The expressions Federal President, Federal Chancellor and Big political Parties in Germany are getting a link to the specific chapters automatically.

That was a little demonstration of some HyperMake functions. Detailed information in the main docu.